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Ticket Information


The Birdcage Theatre is pleased to announce tickets can now be purchased directly from our website. Simply click the link below to navigate to our storefront, where tickets for each show or event will be available.

Tickets options are the same as we have always done it: Fri-Sun General and Youth admission, with Thrifty-Thursday ticket available at the door the night of the show.

We can now accept the following payment options:
Cash (we cannot make change for $50/$100 dollar bills)
Check  (with photo ID) 
Credit/Debit card (website and at the door)
Will Call - print your ticket confirmation email or show us on your smartphone/device at the door.

PayPal - coming soon.

Here is the link to our new shop, feel free to check it out.

Bulk Tickets or Show Buyouts

Have an upcoming show your group or organization would like to see together? Maybe a drama group looking for an outing, an educational group looking for a show that ties into their performing arts curriculum, or a performing arts organization looking for team-building possibilities or just a night enjoying the arts as a group?

Contact us today! We would be willing to discuss bulk-ticket sales for a scheduled showing or event, complete buyouts for certain dates/times, or the possibility of additional showtimes if enough seats will be filled. 

Buyouts or additional showtimes require at least 2 weeks advanced notice in most cases, so call as soon as possible if you are interested!

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