The Birdcage Theatre season passes for 2017-2018 are now available!

The format and pricing of our season passes has changed, to add value and convenience (no limit on number of shows) for our patrons, as well as encourage them to bring guests to come check out how fantastic live community theatre can be.

For $75, your season pass:
- is good for every show of the season, as many times as you would like to come.
- comes with 2 free vouchers so you can bring a couple friends or family.
- allows advanced seating (good if you like the couch or comfy chairs we have up front).
​- will save you $1 off the price of special non-season events.

- as the season goes from now forward, season pass prices will be pro-rated, to maintain their value even if you don't buy at the beginning of the season.

Season pass sales are one of the many ways we fund our current and future shows, events, and day-to-day costs for each season as a non-profit community theatre. Season pass holders help our actors, cast, and crew push themselves to be as good as possible every performance, because they know you are going to be out there (for good shows, more than once, even).

You can buy season passes at the theatre on your next visit, or online through Eventbrite at the link below.

The Birdcage Theatre Season Pass