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​​The Birdcage Theatre is proud to present "Bang Bang You're Dead!" - directed by Tara Stokes, and Junior director Kaitlyn Huie

Show Dates : April 7th - 16th

​BANG BANG YOU'RE DEAD -- a play that dares to look straight into the face of high school shootings, bullying, and teenage rage in search of understanding, healing, and hope.  

First produced in the wake of the infamous Colombine High School Shootings of 1999, this brutally honest one act play plumbs the depths of one young man's pain and rage in the immediate aftermath of his own acts of violence.  The story is fictional, but the issues are all too real... and all too timely.

​​A Selection of Children's Shorts

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Tickets: $12 Adults, $10 Youth

Dear Patrons - 

Due to unexpected issues, Peacock Feather Follies has been removed from this seasons lineup, to be rescheduled in Season 34.

We are looking for a show to replace Peacock Feather Follies in this seasons lineup. We have a very short time to audition, rehearse, build a set, and deliver a show by the last two weeks of May.

If you, or someone you know, has a show or event concept that can run fr our typical 7 days, and can be put together and ready by the last two weeks of May, please contact the Board of Directors ASAP.

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